Self-reflection September

Stop rushing through life.

Start living more consciously.

With guided self-reflection.

We live in a fast-paced world.

Are you busy all day, working and running around, taking care of others, getting stuff done?

And by the time the day ends, you are tired and prefer Netflix over meditating or journaling? 


I get you. It’s a fast-paced world we live in and there are so many interesting things pulling us in different directions and far away from what is most important: YOU and your SELF.


My personal self-reflection story


For the past year, I've done continuous guided self-reflection. Every freaking day 😇


Before, even though I'm a psychologist

(a species inherently interested in behavior, thoughts and feelings), I very rarely engaged in questioning what I experienced, seldom asked myself

questions and didn't journal.

Self-reflection seemed hard. 😔

Then, I met a friend and we started

a mutual self-reflection journey. 🙃

It was incredible! Every day, I learnt something new about myself: I could better understand my past, current patterns in behavior and learnt to manage and understand my emotions better.

This experience was and still is a life-changer.

And I wanted others to have the same experience.😊

This is Self-reflection September :


It's guided:

Every day, you will get a WhatsApp message with a short text and a couple of questions.

It's multifaceted:

We will touch on different topics: personality, comfort zone, relationships, emotions, self-worth

and many more.

It's interactive:

Doing self-reflection on your own can be hard.

And we tend to be stuck with our own view of the world.

That's why we offer to assign you to partner or a small group (4-5 people). Together, you can then discuss and reflect your answers to the daily questions. Of course, you can also choose to reflect just for yourself.

It's personal:

We go beyond normal small talk. We go deep.

The questions will make you think real hard and you will develop your self-awareness, self-knowledge and emotional intelligence.

It's free:

This first edition will be free of charge.

However, as there is no such thing as free lunch, 

I count on your feedback to improve it for the next edition.


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Self-reflection month.

Any questions left?

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